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Air Conditioner / Heat Pump Planned Maintenance Check List

Tune Up Checklist

* Inspect room thermostat
* Inspect the air filters
* Check blower belt and tension
* Check blower motor and lubricate
* Check all electrical connections for tightness
* Check refrigerant charge
* Check and lubricate outdoor fan motor
* Check indoor coil for dirt
* Check condensation pump

Heat Pump includes additional Checks

* Check optimizer setting
* Check outdoor stat setting
* Check defrost cycle
* Check supplemental heat
* Check crankcase heater


Gas Heating Planned Maintenance

* Inspect air filters
* Check blower belts, tension alignment and lube
* Check blower motor and lubricate
* Check blower for cleanliness
* Test for gas leaks in furnace
* Test and adjust pressure regulator
* Check and adjust pilot assembly
* Check gas filter for pilot
* Clean and adjust all controls
* Check operation of safety controls
* Test for combustion leaks
* Clean interior of vestibule
* Clean and adjust thermostat
* Adjust burner for efficiency
* Inspect flue pipes and draft diviter
* Check Gas Valve
* Check furnace operation
* Inspect wiring on furnace
* Check thermocouple
* Check baffles in furnace and Inspect heat exchanger
* Check draft at breaching
* Check for combustible material near furnace
* Check thermostat


Oil Heating Planned Maintenance Check List

* Remove nozzle assembly and Replace
* Adjust electrodes
* Inspect ignition wires or buss bars
* Clean combustion air fan
* Inspect hear exchanger for blockage
* Vacuum heat exchanger and flue pipe if necessary
* Check chimney for blockage
* Check flue pipe
* Check and adjust draft regulator
* Check safety control for cut-off
* Clean bimetal on stack control
* Replace oil filter
* Check and lube oil burner motor
* Replace oil filter
* Check and lub oil burner motor
* Check oil burner controls
* Check oil pump pressure
* Check oil pump cut-off
* Check oil pump seal for leak
* Check burner cone
* Clean interior of vestibule
* Check flame with mirror for proper flame retention
* Check draft over fire
* Check draft at breaching
* Inspect combustion chamber
* Inspect for oil leaks at oil tanks
* Inspect oil lines for leaks
* Inspect oil piping at burner for leaks
* Check and clean cad cell or photo cell if used
* Check air filters
* Check blower and motor and lubricate
* Check belt condition, tension and alignment
* Check blower for cleanliness
* Check for combustible material near furnace
* Check thermostat

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